Letter from the Editor

To our readers, Welcome to another semester of The McKendree Review, McKendree’s student-run newspaper. In previous issues, The Review has always been committed to covering interesting stories that McKendree students are passionate about. This semester, under new leadership and with a renewed sense of purpose, The Review seeks to provide the most relevant and topical... Continue Reading →

Leditor from the editors

As the semester enters full swing, the Review Crew hopes you will keep in touch with news, sports, opinions and more here at the McKendree Review. We are excited as always to appear online and generate ideas and campus news that students and our McKendree public are passionate about. There are some changes to be aware... Continue Reading →

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

BY ALLISON DONOFRIO Contributing Writer “Don’t dream it, be it” is a well-known phrase from one of my favorite movies: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cult classic has been moving strong since 1975 and it’s no surprise why! The classic has great music, an off-the-wall plot, and very dynamic characters! As of 2015, they... Continue Reading →

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