A Boy and His Cows

By JT Russell, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - As the birds begin to chirp and the grass once again turns a vibrant green, college students can’t help but envision the imminent summer break.  For most college kids, summer break means sleeping in until ten o’clock, road trips with your friends and consuming a few too... Continue Reading →

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

By Paxton Cohoon, Contributing Writer Living with roommates is never easy. These roommates can end up being great friends or the bane of existence. Regardless if roommates are great friends, fights are still bound to occur. Common arguments involve what temperature to set the thermostat at, cleaning or lack of cleaning habits, and monopolizing the... Continue Reading →

Behind the Success: Darren Wynn

By Zach Breeding, Co-Editor of Sports Darren Wynn's life is one that is heavily influenced by family and friends. And if it wasn't for his family, he may not have even had the opportunity to achieve the massive success that he has as a wrestler at McKendree. "My biggest inspiration has to go to my... Continue Reading →

Women’s Track Takes Flight

By Zach Manion, Contributing Writer After a successful weekend at Missouri Southern State University, the McKendree University Women’s track and field team propelled themselves to 21st in the nation, their first national ranking since becoming a Division II program in 2012. Before joining Division II, the men's and women's track and field teams experienced some... Continue Reading →

McKendree to Host Fourth Annual Academic Excellence Celebration

By Grant Riggs, Editor-in-chief McKendree’s fourth annual Academic Excellence Celebration with take place on Thursday, April 27, 2017. No classes will be held that day and all students are encouraged to attend or participate in the celebration. Applications for students to present or display a research poster are due by Friday, March 10 and can... Continue Reading →

McKendree Students Attend Rally to Save Higher Ed

By Grant Riggs, Editor-in-Chief On Wednesday, February 8, a group of McKendree students attended a rally at the Capitol building in Springfield, Ill. in support of higher education and the MAP grant. The grant, which does not require repayment and is given to Illinois residents who attend approved Illinois colleges, has provided numerous students the... Continue Reading →

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