Please… Use Protection!

Written by Victoria Sananikone. McKendree students and faculty must look out for one another during this vulnerable time. We have to follow the precautions laid out for us and we have to be smart about our choices. Check out how some students and faculty feel about the news rules around campus.

The Gen Z Approach to Mental Health

Laurynn Davey, Contributing Writer When scrolling through your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, you are most likely to find at least one dark humor joke or meme floating around. Many of these jokes will even find their way onto the ‘popular trends’ lists. In the most recent generation, known as... Continue Reading →


Story and pictures by Meredith Geyer, Contributing Writer If Saturdays couldn’t get any better, imagine if they were the one day of the week you could have sugar, carbs, or anything truly delicious. My boyfriend, God bless him, has not only come all the way from Memphis, TN to visit me once a month for... Continue Reading →

What’s the Deal with Coronavirus?

Kae Edgcomb, Contributing Writer Pictures taken by Kae Edgcomb in the Office of Health Services, McKendree University You have probably been seeing it on the news. Maybe you have heard jokes about it around campus. You might have discussed the topic in a class. It is hard to escape discussions to some capacity on the... Continue Reading →


Article and picutres by Jawaun Jackson, Contributing Writer An Edwardsville favorite located on North Main Street - with a blink of an eye you may miss it. The front of the eatery is modest compared to the back that is much livelier with the outdoor seating. Inside it is warm and cozy; the décor has... Continue Reading →

When Eating Becomes a Struggle

By Alec Deyong, Contributing Writer Love it or hate it, Ames dining hall is ground zero for a great deal of the complaints that students lob at McKendree University. Between the variety, the quality, the staff, and the hours, it is hard for a small campus to make everyone happy. For some, however, it goes... Continue Reading →

Adventures of Frisbee Golf

By Daniel Kimmer, Contributing Writer Frisbee Golfing is a leisure inexpensive outdoor activity. A little overview about Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf or Frolf; street terms). Most courses are either a 9-hole course or an 18-hole course, depending on the land and space within the public park it was designed and built at. As a beginner... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Try Sea of Thieves

By Andrew Gardewine, Contributing Writer The video game industry has been constantly changing for the last fifty years starting off with the first ever and very simple game, Pong, to more recent, complex games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends. The most popular genre of games nowadays is multiplayer shooters... Continue Reading →

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