This Is Not The End

Written by Emma Matin-Hilker. A passionate advocate for Black Lives Matter, Emma participates in three protests to fight for equality. As a millennial, Emma voices the change that her generation will bring about, and she calls attention to a change that must be made at McKendree.

Teddy Bear Employment at an All-Time High

Meredith Geyer, Contributing Writer Featured image taken by Meredith Geyer Imagine being a kid right now. Normally we would all jump at the opportunity to relive our childhood, happily taking the naps we once fought. Not entertaining a second thought of hesitation about eating another cookie. Playing in the dirt and mud without a care... Continue Reading →

What happened to Recycling on Campus?

Annika Beal and Hayley Luster, Contributing Writers As many may have noticed, recycling on campus has been discontinued. Many different theories and questions have come up regarding the reasons for the termination. Where has it gone? Does McKendree actually care about the environment? Well, we are here to set the record straight. McKendree is in... Continue Reading →

We are ALL IN for voting!

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor Tuesday, September 25th, is National Voting Day. To honor this day and raise awareness about voting among students, McKendree University has been promoting voting more than ever before. Come to the Holman library on Tuesday from 1-3 p.m. to celebrate the National Voting Day and get your own pocket-copy of the Constitution!... Continue Reading →

Ask, Receive, Repeat: The Art of Donations

By Nathan Ploense, Contributing Writer “Class of 2018! Are you ready to make a difference at McKendree before you graduate? Please give as a way to say thank you for your amazing four years at university,” exclaims email after email arriving in the inboxes of graduating seniors. At the tail end of the Fall semester... Continue Reading →

Global Awareness Week

By Sophie Jeffery, Editor Next week is McKendree’s annual Global Awareness Week and the Center for Faith and Spirituality along with the Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service have organized a full week of activities and opportunities for students and faculty to engage with and learn about other cultures and communities.  Colleen Smyth, program coordinator... Continue Reading →

Geeky Women Stand Up

By Elexis Baltimore, Editor In the world of Geekdom women have faced animosity and distrust for years, becoming the butt of jokes, experiencing harassment, and being asked various demeaning questions like ‘Do you actually know how to game?’ After finally getting tired of constantly being questioned and rejected from geeky spaces, women across the world... Continue Reading →

Is Anyone Listening? : The Strong Demand for a Black Sorority and Fraternity at McKendree

By Essence White McKendree is a very proud university, full of proud students, faculty, and sports teams. The students happily sport clothing or accessories that display the teams and organizations that they are part of on campus. Although this university is filled with lots of pride, what does one do when the university does not... Continue Reading →

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