Bretzel, Bratwurst, and Co.

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor Dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndl, on Saturday, September 17, people from the area of O’Fallon could come together and celebrate the so-called “Oktoberfest”. Young people, older people, men, women – everyone came to celebrate between brats, beer, and many fun games. This particular Oktoberfest was held between the O’Fallon city hall... Continue Reading →

On Community Service and Into the Streets

By Victoria Sananikone, Staff Writer My initial perspective of east St. Louis mirrored that of everyone else’s: a dangerous zone of crime that was unsafe to visit. After visiting the area for a service project, my perspective was altered, and I now feel that east St. Louis may not be as unapproachable as everyone seems... Continue Reading →

“Stretch yourself” in yoga

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer This Saturday you have the opportunity to experience yoga like you may never have before. All day you, and those close to you, can practice free yoga classes led by McKendree University Professor Adam Tournier and other yoga instructors. However, it is important to know what yoga can mean for... Continue Reading →

New organization is ready to take off

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer McKendree junior Jack MacLean is starting a new student organization, “Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations," or SCNO. MacLean wanted a student organization dedicated to building experience and résumés for students, freshman through senior. To accomplish this, SCNO will work with nonprofit organizations in the Metro East. Each student will collaborate... Continue Reading →

Cultural Cuisine from Noodles and Co.

BY SARAH GOETZE Staff Writer “Throw a fork on the map and we’ll take you there,” Noodles and Company claims on their menu, but you know what? If I closed my eyes, I very well could have drifted off to Indonesia and pictured myself eating the Indonesian Peanut Sauté dish while riding atop an elephant.... Continue Reading →

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