Please… Use Protection!

Written by Victoria Sananikone. McKendree students and faculty must look out for one another during this vulnerable time. We have to follow the precautions laid out for us and we have to be smart about our choices. Check out how some students and faculty feel about the news rules around campus.

She Puts the K in McK

Mikayla Walton, Contributing Writer Featured image: Facebook/ Kaylyn Ruiz Many students here at McKendree know Kaylyn Ruiz as the woman who works while delivering fantastic customer service with a smile in Ames or chatting with students and faculty alike as she helps in 1828. However, you may not actually know her. Kaylyn, or KK for... Continue Reading →

Presidential Brown Bag

By Christopher Fernandez, Contributing Writer Four score and seven years ago, we had barely begun to scratch the surface of the long history of McKendree University.  The school that we call home and have come to love over the years has developed from the small McKendree College to the now prosperous McKendree University.  In this... Continue Reading →

The Big Mysteries of Financial Aid

By Landon Cole, Contributing Writer Like many college students, I fall into a category that can make the financial aid process difficult. The Federal Student Aid office grossly overestimates my family’s contribution to my education when, in reality, I paid out-of-pocket for my associate’s degree from a community college, and I’m relying on loans to... Continue Reading →

When Eating Becomes a Struggle

By Alec Deyong, Contributing Writer Love it or hate it, Ames dining hall is ground zero for a great deal of the complaints that students lob at McKendree University. Between the variety, the quality, the staff, and the hours, it is hard for a small campus to make everyone happy. For some, however, it goes... Continue Reading →

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