Coffee with a Splash of Stress

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor Personally, I believe that one of the most beautiful words the Greeks have given us is “agape.” Agape stands for a kind of love that seeks nothing in return. You love someone or something, simply because you love it. It think it is beautiful. Something like agape is hard to find,... Continue Reading →

200 Miles to Galesburg

By Rebecca Chicosky, Contributing Writer Images have been provided by Dr. Guy Boysen Featured Image: Lori Tretter (left), Rebecca Chicosky, Raina Isaacs, Bryce Bambic, Sara Kalkenova, Nadia Studnicka, Sydnie Markowski, and Elia Burbridge pose after giving their presentations. “You know, I wasn’t nervous until I walked in the building. Then, it just hit me.” I heard... Continue Reading →

It’s (Not) All in Your Head: McK Students Seek Mental Health Treatment

By Caylin Dean, Contributing Writer Depression, anxiety, addiction: just a few of the disorders that many colleges’ students battle in a constant tug-of-war. Academic responsibilities and expectations placed upon us, coupled with separation from home, participation in athletics, relationships and upholding a job can lead us nearly to insanity- that’s when it is important to... Continue Reading →

I just want clean clothes: A West Issue

By Daniel Kimmer, Contributing Writer When wanting to do laundry at Mckendree West Clubhouse, it almost feels like you have to go at just the right time to catch an open washer or dryer. There are 8 washing units: 7 top load washers, 1 front load washer, and 8 drying units inside the laundry room.... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain: Most Common Sports Injuries on Campus

By Madeline Cade, Contributing WriterWhile McKendree University has many great academic programs, we are mostly well-known for our participation in NCAA Division II athletics. Between the 33 teams on campus we hold many GLVC Conference titles and a few National Championships. These trophies do come at a slight cost: the physical and mental well-being of... Continue Reading →

McKendree Hosts a Day of Excellence

By Victoria Sananikone, Assistant Editor  On Thursday, April 25, 2019, McKendree University will be hosting their sixth annual Academic Excellence Day at the Lebanon, IL campus. The event will honor students and their achievements within the classroom. Students will present their creative and scholarly work to the McKendree community. Student work includes presentations, research posters,... Continue Reading →

McKendree’s Speech and Debate Team Came Home With Some Heavy Hardware

McKendree University speech and debate students took home 79 awards, including 13 1st place finishes, this spring to complete the regular season. In debate, McKendree’s students Mitch Deleel and Adeja Powell are the 4th ranked team in the nation (of 458 teams) and have qualified to compete at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (NPTE).... Continue Reading →

What is Intellectual Wellness?

By Tiffany Davis, Contributing Writer Pictures: While we are in college we are oftentimes so focused on studying and earning good grades that we forget about our intellectual wellness. When discussing intellectual wellness, we often mistake it for learning or the amount of knowledge we have accrued in our current life, but it is... Continue Reading →

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