This Is Not The End

Written by Emma Matin-Hilker. A passionate advocate for Black Lives Matter, Emma participates in three protests to fight for equality. As a millennial, Emma voices the change that her generation will bring about, and she calls attention to a change that must be made at McKendree.

Thoughts from Nickie and Anthony

Written by Nicolette Sanlin and Anthony Francis. The titles of Head Volleyball Coach and Associate Director of Athletics are quite honorable, yet these successful individuals are all too familiar with racism. Their powerful words voice a lifelong battle of forced silence from a cruel society, but silence is no longer an option. They stand with you.

No Justice, No Peace

Written by Abigail Rumpp, contributing writer. Incoming junior Abigail Rumpp describes her experience protesting in her hometown. She recounts her feelings as she protested in honor of Black Lives Matter in the conservative state of Tennessee.

The Big Mysteries of Financial Aid

By Landon Cole, Contributing Writer Like many college students, I fall into a category that can make the financial aid process difficult. The Federal Student Aid office grossly overestimates my family’s contribution to my education when, in reality, I paid out-of-pocket for my associate’s degree from a community college, and I’m relying on loans to... Continue Reading →

200 Miles to Galesburg

By Rebecca Chicosky, Contributing Writer Images have been provided by Dr. Guy Boysen Featured Image: Lori Tretter (left), Rebecca Chicosky, Raina Isaacs, Bryce Bambic, Sara Kalkenova, Nadia Studnicka, Sydnie Markowski, and Elia Burbridge pose after giving their presentations. “You know, I wasn’t nervous until I walked in the building. Then, it just hit me.” I heard... Continue Reading →

Bearcats Fall Short, But Set Gaze Forward

By Andrew GardewineMany sports teams on campus competed in their conference meets during the spring semester. Many teams' achievements have been swallowed by the waves of other information that have been thrown at the students this semester. This is a detailed article about the accomplisments of our Men's and Women's track and field team at... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peak: What’s Up Next on Campus

Are you ever sitting in your room and don't know what to do? McKendree University offers a wide variety of events you can go to that you probably didn't even know about! Here are a few interesting events for the next two weeks. Give it a peek, get up and enjoy!   Art Department related... Continue Reading →

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