Coming soon: Voigt Science Hall makeover

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer Built in 1965, Voigt Science Hall is trailing behind the growth of the science and technology programs here at McKendree University. Voigt, like most of the buildings on campus, has a history with students for generations, but McKendree administration says it’s time for a makeover. In May of this year,... Continue Reading →

Panel discussion this Tuesday: The rise of Donald Trump and what it means

The 2016 presidential election has many Americans questioning who they want to represent them to the world. Many question if the two primary candidates can lead their country effectively. Many feel like there are questions that still need to be answered. Luckily, McKendree University can help answer some of those questions. On Oct. 18, everyone... Continue Reading →

FAFSA: What you need to know

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer Money for classes. Money for books. Money for food. Money plays a big role in a college student’s life. Students are constantly reminded about how much money is needed for college. Luckily, there is one money reminder that all students should be aware of that could help them relax about... Continue Reading →

Global Awareness Week

Don’t forget Global Awareness Week is April 4-8! Join faculty, staff and students to learn more about the diverse world we live in. The event’s schedule is packed full of interesting educational sessions, so make sure to stop by some of these events! Schedule of Events Monday, April 4 “Dots and Donuts: Study Abroad” –... Continue Reading →

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