Father John Misty at the Peabody

By Zach Breeding, Editor in Chief “If there’s going to be a night on this tour where I slip on a banana peel, get my head stuck in a bucket and then stumble into the broom closet, tonight is that night.” This comedy of errors described by the writer/performer of pure comedy, the latest self-described... Continue Reading →

The Musical Fusion of Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord: Melding the old with the new to create something unique

By Jack MacLean, Copy Editor Folk music serves as an expression of the people and era from which it originates. For Le Vent Du Nord, a folk band out of Quebec, Canada, delivering that expression to audiences is as exciting as it is daunting. The band, whose name translates literally to “The North Wind,” formed... Continue Reading →

Feel the music

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer Music has been around since the age of man and continues to inspire everyone who comes into contact with it. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere, but if you are from the St. Louis metropolitan area or just in the area for a short time, consider checking out... Continue Reading →

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