McKendree’s Most Interesting Man

By Zach Manion, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - On the surface, Christopher DiOrio seems no different the regular adjunct professor at McKendree University. Most faculty and students know him solely for his teaching. What most don’t know about DiOrio is his life before McKendree; a life full of simplicity and adventure. DiOrio was born in... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Cows

By JT Russell, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - As the birds begin to chirp and the grass once again turns a vibrant green, college students can’t help but envision the imminent summer break.  For most college kids, summer break means sleeping in until ten o’clock, road trips with your friends and consuming a few too... Continue Reading →

McKendree’s Biggest Fans

By J.T. Russell, Contributing Writer "We just love the people and the atmosphere. Everyone is so nice to us. I mean, who doesn’t like going to McKendree games? It’s our favorite thing to do.” This is a quote from 29 year old Mark Junior Reinacher. Mark is part of a tenacious tag team duo with... Continue Reading →

The Musical Fusion of Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord: Melding the old with the new to create something unique

By Jack MacLean, Copy Editor Folk music serves as an expression of the people and era from which it originates. For Le Vent Du Nord, a folk band out of Quebec, Canada, delivering that expression to audiences is as exciting as it is daunting. The band, whose name translates literally to “The North Wind,” formed... Continue Reading →

Mike Babcock’s Relentless Pursuit

By Grant Riggs, Editor-in-Chief On Wednesday, February 1, at 6:30 a.m., Mike Babcock, 5th-year head football coach at McKendree University, walked into his office knowing the next five hours would determine the future of his program. The occasion? A day that would bring about the culmination of months of hard work - National Signing Day.... Continue Reading →

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