A Cubs Fan in a Cardinals World

By Allison Donofrio, Staff Writer Before November 2, 2016, when the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year World Series drought, it was difficult to be a Cubs fan in a St. Louis Cardinals world. If I wore anything Cubs related in Carrier Mills, Ill., I would get stares and scuffs. People would ask “why are you... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Studying Abroad

By Magdalena Knapp, Contributing Writer Each year, 3.7 million students study abroad throughout the world. I am one of these 3.7 million students, and my journey began eight months ago at the airport of Milan, Italy. People told me ‘Studying abroad is a great experience. You meet new people, get to know a new culture... Continue Reading →

Five Myths About McKendree Online

By Allison Donofrio, Contributing Writer Myth: Online education is easier than learning on campus. Online classes and an online degree are not easier than degrees on campus in Lebanon, Radcliff, or Shepherdsville. They take a lot of motivation, organizational skills and self-discipline. Dr. Mathis, Psychology instructor, agreed: “You can’t simply read a chapter and then... Continue Reading →

How you know you are not American

BY MAGDALENA KNAPP Contributing Writer If you would have asked me five years ago, “Where do you see yourself in the future?” I would have probably said, “Well, maybe working or studying somewhere near my hometown, where I can visit my family and friends very often.” Now, five years later I am here, in the... Continue Reading →

Seeking validation: the world of likes

BY NICOLE FUNG CALLEJA Staff Writer It’s not a secret how heavily connected most college students feel to various social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Some people use social media on a constant basis, but the question is, is this kind of social media use beneficial? With so many uprising stars... Continue Reading →

Why studying abroad is like getting new eyes

BY NICOLE FUNG CALLEJA Staff Writer Studying abroad is an experience that cannot be compared to anything else. The experience of being immersed in another culture and being surrounded by different people and customs other than the ones you are used to are sure to create change in your perspective. I had the chance to... Continue Reading →

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