Cobblestone Eatery and Drinkery

By Jawaun Jackson, Contributing Writer Pictures by Jawaun Jackson Frequently visited by the student body of McKendree for the drinkery and nightlife, Cobblestone boasts a pretty tasty menu during weeknights and weekend mornings. I first visited the establishment for nourishment between dawn and noon; in simpler terms I came for brunch. I was at an... Continue Reading →

Getting sick? Not with us!

By Magdalena Knapp, EditorPictures:, A college student has a stressful life: You rush from one class to the next one, to the library, the computer lab, study groups, study tables, and many other places. The minutes between one class and the following are counted, and you sometimes barely have time to use the... Continue Reading →

What Are You Thankful For?

By Victoria Sananikone, Assistant Editor Picture your Thanksgiving break. Not only do you get to escape the dorms and the classrooms, you are granted a halt to the stresses of school and are welcomed back to a refuge of home cooked meals and fireside warmth. You come back to a home with a smell that... Continue Reading →

If Denny’s and McDonald’s had a baby, it would be called Huddle House.

By Gabrielle Madewell, Contributing Writer Photo: G. Madewell, The first thought someone has walking into a restaurant attached to a gas station/truck stop is not “wow, this is going to be a snazzy meal.” Realistically, they are looking for a cheap and fast meal that is filling and only mostly edible. Surprisingly enough, Huddle... Continue Reading →

Don’t be silly, protect your w****

Photos and Article by Magdalena Knapp, Editor There are still some topics in our 21st century society that make people feel uncomfortable, like disabilities, mental illnesses, stomach issues or the little itching “down there”.  We have to start somewhere to break the silence, and there can be no better month to do so than April,... Continue Reading →

Finals Week Survival Guide

By Sophie Jeffery, Editor It's that time of the semester we all dread: finals week!  It seems so far away on the first day of classes as we flip through the syllabi for our new classes, but as much as we'd like to put it off, it's here.  This can be a stressful time of year... Continue Reading →

McKendree Graduate Series- Neil Berkel

By Elexis Baltimore, Editor Welcome back to the McKendree Graduate Series! With graduation slowly creeping its way around the corner, we at the McK Review want to showcase the endless possibilities after graduating from McKendree. Graduation can sometimes become daunting, as some of us are trying to combat the “what happens next” questions and balance... Continue Reading →

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